Acadiana’s Rug Cleaning Specialists

Drawing on more than 60 years of experience, Rug Cleaning of Lafayette is a market leader in rug cleaning for residential and commercial businesses.  Rug Cleaning of Lafayette serves all of Acadiana including Broussard and Youngsville.

Professional Cleaning of Rugs

Rug Cleaning of Lafayette has the equipment and expertise to remove dirt, detergent and moisture.  

Unlike on location steam cleaning, which was developed as a quick and efficient method for wall to wall carpeting, rug plant cleaning is much safer and better for your valuable rug. When Oriental or antique rugs are taken to a professional rug cleaning facility, there are a number of benefits. First, the rug is being cleaned by someone who knows how to identify the right method for the job at hand. In fact, much of the rug cleaning is done by hand. Your valuable rug is carefully groomed, washed, rinsed, and then dried in a climate controlled room.

Careful testing is also done to make sure the solutions used in cleaning won’t damage the color of the rug. Small areas of staining or damage can be fixed as part of the maintenance process to refresh and restore the rug’s appearance. Finally, deodorizers, soil repellents, and moth-proofing can be added to make your rug even more ready to go back home.

Pickup and delivery services are available for our rug cleaning services, making it completely convenient to have your rugs cleaned the right way.